How Often to Water the String of Pearls?

Curio rowleyanus belongs to the daisy family of Asteraceae and it is the scientific name of a string of pearls. It is a flowering plant that can be found in southwest Africa. This variant grows under the shades of other plants to avoid direct sunlight. The string of pearls or string of beads is common to plant that grows well in darkness.

It is a common house plant variant that can be hanged in sealing or even in other places according to the preference of the nester. People always wonder how to water plants even people have doubts about how often to water string of pearls plant. If you are looking for a guide on watering a string of pearl plants, then this article is for you. People can get to know the exact details on how to water a plant.

This variant is a beautiful house plant that can be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions. If you’re looking for a beautiful house plant to add some colors to your house, then a string of pearls can help. It is a hanging plant that grows well in a dry and warm environment, so the water levels must just fulfill the needs of roots and soil. Excessive water can be dangerous for the String of pearls.

Maintaining this plant is very easy because it can grow well even without water for 2 to 3 weeks which means it can thrive well even in warm places and even in zone 99. If you plan to grow a string of pearl plants in areas with a very low temperature, it is advised to grow this plant in a container to maintain the warmth to thrive well.

If people plan to grow their string of pearls outdoors, they can prefer growing it in partial sunlight to enjoy the warmth and have some light. The nature of these plants is in the way that they have to be maintained in shades to avoid direct sunlight. If this plant absorbs direct sunlight for an extended period, it will become dry and lose its original color and texture.

Indirect morning sunlight is better for this plant to gain some energy and grow well. The rounded edges of these plants form a connection, and this connection provides a very good feel for the growers, and it also adds some beauty to the room.

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How Often Do You Water a String of Pearls?

Actually, speaking string of pearls never wants us to pour a lot of water on it because they hate overloading, and many people do not know this fact. IN simple words, this plant can be watered when the soil is completely dry, and people can use their fingers or a stick just to feel the moisture content of the soil. It is necessary to check and water it because it is an important fact that must be considered while watering your string of pearls.

These pearls may require a small amount of water to fullfil their needs. The period for watering your plant may vary based on various factors, and one among those factors is that the place. A string of pearls should never be placed in excessive sunlight because it may remove the moisture and destroy the pearls’ look.

The water poured into this plant must be dried naturally, and if people allow their plant to stay in the sunlight for a long time, it may quickly lose water molecules. This is abnormal to string of pearls, and because of this, the cycle may change, resulting in improper growth of this plant. So people can follow the dryness method and water the plants once in two weeks which is sufficient for this variant.

Another interesting fact is that this plant drinks a lot of water at once to fulfill its needs, but while watering, don’t just allow the water to flow continuously; just pour it slowly and allow your pearls to drink it slowly, so that it will be a healthy habit to make your plant grow in a healthy way.

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How to Water String of Pearls?

As mentioned earlier, watering your string of pearls can be decided based on some factors, so depending upon the factors, the water cycle and the quantity of water may vary, So read this article completely to know the exact quantity and time period for watering your String of pearls plant.

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Factors to decide the procedure of watering to your string of pearls:

Pot size:

The soil is the main thing that retains the moisture content to maintain your plant fresh. So higher the quantity of soil, the higher the moisture content. So if you have a big pot, they will have a lot of storage space, which allows a lot of soil to accommodate it. So this will allow your soil to absorbs the moisture content if watered once in 2 weeks. So large pot owners can water their string of pearls two weeks once, which is more than enough. On the other hand, people who have a small pot need to water it weekly once, which means the capacity of soil is low. When capacity decreases, the retention of moisture content will also decrease, and people will be in a situation of watering it every week.


Generally, the lighting conditions, temperature, airflow will be high in outdoor conditions than indoor, and everyone can feel the difference just by going out. Because of this fact, people who place their plant outside will have to keep an eye on the plant every day because the temperature may vary every day, and if the temperature is high, people should understand and pour a bit of water higher than normal.

If the temperature is moderate, they can consider the airflow and just look at the plant’s soil to verify the moisture content; if the plant is bone dry, then people can water accordingly. On the other hand, if people prefer to place their plant indoors, there will not be any problem in maintaining the plant because people can water it periodically. It will be sufficient for the plant to thrive until the next cycle.

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The growth of a String of pearls may vary according to the season; it is actually a cold plant and grows rapidly during cold seasons and winter seasons. The spring and fall seasons are best suited for the growth of the String of pearls plant. It grows actively, and the growth can actually be seen on some days, so it grows during winter and takes rest during the summer and hot weather conditions.

Actually, the string of pearls aims at survival than growing in hot weather conditions. So during the winter seasons, this plant grows a lot, and in order to support the growth, it consumes an enormous amount of water. So during winter, people should allow the pearls to drink a lot of water whereas, in summer, people can place their plant in a shaded spot and pour the necessary water to depending on the moisture content to fullfil the needs of that particular plant.

Generally, people can follow some basic steps to have a healthy plant. The soak and dry method will work out during normal days, which means people can look at the plant in regular intervals to guess the moisture content.

Moreover, they can even have a glance at the soil to know the exact moisture content. This will help growers to water the plant on the basis of the soak and dry method. Ensure that water drains through the drainage holes and that the saucer is emptied before you complete the process.

If measuring the moisture content becomes tough, people can prefer using a moisture meter purchased online or in traditional shops. This meter will help people find the right moisture content by allowing people to notice the meter value. You just need to insert the meter into the soil, and it will show the exact value.

People can decide from three values because it has a wet, moist, and dry stage, and while watering string of pearls, people can insert and wait for the meter to reach the dry state, which is the ideal water time for this variant. Other than this plant, people can also use this meter for various plants they grow in homes or commercial places. But for maintaining a plant, it is better to have an eye on it in regular intervals.

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Bottom Line:

In this article, we have seen a brief about maintaining a string of pearls plant in various weather conditions and also the watering cycle for the same variant. Anyone wishing to purchase a String of pearl plant can use this guide to maintain pearls in good condition. Owners should remember that these plants are really sensitive and cannot tolerate high temperatures from direct sunlight, moisture, and high airflow. So this plant can be placed indoors for obtaining better results. I hope this article is useful! Thank you for reading.

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