How Often to Water the Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)?

If you’re a fan of houseplants and have various plants or looking for a plant to enrich some colors in your house, then this article is for you.

Usually, people with some plants may doubt the watering cycle, so we have made this article for you to clear their doubts. The evergreen is a houseplant from tropical Indonesia; the botanical name of this plant is Aglaonema which tends to grow under large plants and trees to have excessive shade.

This variant belongs to the family of Araceae and has a nickname which is Chinese evergreen. This plant can tolerate any indoor condition, and it’s not suitable for outdoor conditions. People who planted this variant for the first time may doubt how often to water the Chinese evergreen?.

In this write-up I’ll explain all the details about watering a Chinese evergreen plant; other than this; plant lovers can also know the factors to consider when choosing the water cycle and quantity of the water fed to your Chinese evergreen plant.

Most commonly, this plant is used to place in tabletops in receptions or in office space too. For instance, people can notice many Chinese evergreen plants in many public places like malls, airports, shops, reception areas in corporate offices, and some people can also see these plants where there is a need for decoration.

These plants fit perfectly in public places because it requires very little maintenance and can be watered two weeks once in winter seasons. But if the weather condition is very hot, people can water this plant once a week or once in nine days.

How Often to Water the Chinese Evergreen?

The amount of water depends on the quantity of water that your plants intake. Plants first prefer to thrive than growing, so, during the growth period, plants will take a lot of water and thrive a very small amount of water will be used by the plants.

In short, winter is the best season for plants to achieve good growth, and in summer, they prefer to survive, but for some plants, the cycle may differ, and they will need a lot of water in the summer season even for survival and growth.

Chinese evergreen is a type of plant which requires some light to grow well. If it is placed in dark places, the plant will not grow in a healthy condition, and make sure that this plant is not placed in direct sunlight because direct sunlight is harmful to leaves as it may destroy the whole plant by making them burn.

Sometimes mild sunlight will also damage the parts of leaves. The placements of this plant should be so that it can receive mild sunlight with moderate heat. Maintaining this plant with moisture in the summer seasons is necessary because of excessive heat and lighting.

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Summer seasons are not the enemies of the evergreen plants, but during summer, people should take extra care to maintain this plant in good condition.

On the other hand, Chinese evergreens can never tolerate excessive watering as it may lead to the decay of plants after a certain limit. So it is necessary to monitor the quantity of water before allowing the water to flow into the pot. After refilling the sufficient water, it is important to allow the excess water to drain through the drainage holes.

In the winter season, people can prefer watering it for 1-2 weeks, and it is the perfect time to feed your plant with excessive plants. As the plant grows, it will need some excessive water which allows them to grow well.

Just keep track of the moisture of the plant to water it with the correct quantity. Feeding your plant with excessive water will make your root rot which means the plant can no longer live with good health; sometimes, your plant may also dry. So feed your plant with the correct amount of water to extend its life.

In general, the watering cycle is never fixed because it always depends on many factors, and people should determine the quantity of water by considering those factors. These plants prefer to live at 60 degrees F.

They can even survive in lower temperatures; because of this, this plant is said to be an indoor plant as the temperature outside may be high, and because of this reason, Chinese evergreen can also die.

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Maintaining your Chinese Evergreen in good condition:


This process is a mandatory step that has to be followed by every plant owner to maintain it in good condition. Plant owners can do it every two years once to be fresh and even get some new air while doing the process.

Moreover, there are many possibilities for the soil to develop some bacteria, viruses, and pests that may also live in the pot; if you place the plant in a pot for more than two years, make sure to change the plant’s pot every day two years.

Another important factor is that your pot may have some tiny damages in which small and micro pests can enter and destroy the plant. Repotting can also destroy the plant’s roots, so it is necessary to take excessive care while shifting your plant to another pot.

However, there will be slight damage when you shift, so shifting your plant’s pot in the spring season can help them gain energy and restore their damaged roots.

Adding nutrition to your plants can also help them to regain energy and restore their roots. So if people plan to add some nutritions, they can prefer adding it monthly once in the summer season and spring when you report.

Other than the summer season, if people prefer to add some nutrition, they can do it 45 days once because overnutrition can also damage the plant.

The size of the pot is also a necessary thing which has to be for watering it with the correct amount of water. This air-purifying plant can be placed in a moderately sized pot, and people can prefer to hang this on the top to gain some fresh air and make the room more beautiful.

This plant is not pet-friendly, so it is necessary to hang them on walls to keep your pet out of these plants. These plants can purify the air, but it’s not good to intake, so keep your pets and children away from this plant. The juicy extracts can also irritate your skin and create some skin allergies.

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Watering cycle:

Factors to be considered:

  • Temperature
  • Size of the pot and soil.


Temperature is one of the important factors that decide the water cycle of your indoor plant.

However, the temperature will not change as much as it is indoors, and people can expect temperature changes during the climatic change.

In hot temperatures, your plant may become dry, and it will also make your plant take a lot of water, so in extremely hot temperatures, your house will also be hot, and it makes your plant a bit hot too, so pour a lot of water in summer seasons. The Winter season can help them maintain their moisture levels so people can water less in winter. Roots with excessive moisture will decay your plant never overload your plant.

Pot Size and soil:

The size of the pot also decides the quantity of water. A pot with a bigger size can absorb some water and retain the moisture content for a long time than a small pot.

So to make your plant grow well, people can place them in big pots. Small pots can retain moisture content for a short time. Due to this, people prefer to place these plants in big pots.

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Soil contributes the most to the growth of a plant, so in a plant, the contribution of soil for achieving good growth is more than 50%, so people who prefer to grow a Chinese evergreen plant can place them in bark-based orchid mix sand to achieve maximum growth.

This nitrogen-rich soil can make your plant grow well. While packing the sand, it is necessary to place your plant with soil to allow the water to flow completely, and it will also allow airflow.

Humidity and moisture can be checked while watering the plant using your hands or a meter before watering the plant.

Pro tip:

If you’re planning for a vacation, then place your Chinese evergreen with other indoor plants to make them use little water, and this will also help your evergreen maintain its humidity for a long time.

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Bottom line

Plants are just like humans, which need attention and care to live a healthy life. Watering it in regular intervals, repotting, adding nutrients, and eradicating pests from your plants can help to maintain the plant in good condition.

Other than this, just spend some time with your plant daily to know the condition and find out pest attacks. By following the points mentioned above, people can have a healthy evergreen plant for years.

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