Why Chinese Money Plant (Pilea) Losing Leaves | Falling Off?

Falling Off Chinese money plant losing leaves is a very common problem that has an easy solution to it. You just need to know the procedure and work upon it in a proper manner. This plant is a delight for every gardener or any plant lover to grow.

You can easily nurture this plant which is coin-shaped. The fertilizer is very essential for the plant to grow. It is essential to repot Pilea in a very big pot. This plant is very much propagated with the help of the daughter plant that commonly grows surrounding the mother plant in a well to do conditions. The Pilea prefers bright light and is good and is a beautiful plant to grow.  

What Causes: Pilea Peperomioides Dropping Leaves?

Every plant needs light and fertile soil in a very good but correct quantity. Taking care of a plant is not a kid’s play. This money plant has rounded, deep green-colored, glossy leaves that are a pleasant sight to the eyes. The dropping of leaves is a common problem that may occur with this plant. There are several causes attached to it namely 

  • The presence of the poor drainage of the soil. Overwatering and even underwatering of the soil. 
  • Lack of prominent nutrients in the plant soil, as well as the heavy lack of exposure of the sun, pest infestation, frosting, aging of the plant leaves, are all the possible causes of this issue. 

This plant species is not as much widely available as the other types of house plants. These plants are widely known in the world and are rare to purchase plants. Despite the fact that its beauty is exemplary it is a great plant to start with when going for any plantation adventures.

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Reasons for the Chinese Money plant Dropping the leaves 

There are several reasons for the money plant to drop its leaves. Some of the wide reasons can be considered only after carefully assessing the behaviour of the plants. The dropping of leaves can be largely caused by the combination of various factors or even one broad factor. The common causes may include

1. Poor Type of the Soil Damage

If the soil is not drained enough then this may be a problem for your plant. Excessive water has the power to inhibit the oxygen present in the soil. You can easily understand this by feeling that the plant is drowning and is not in very good shape. This can result in rotted and dried roots. After the damage of the roots, the transport of the minerals can easily stop. This will result in the entire plant shedding the leaves as well as wilting. 

The poor soil drainage is because of the presence of the poor soil mix. The water won’t be able to flow very easily. Another reason associated with it may be the lack of various drainage holes in your provided container. 

2. Underwatering or Overwatering 

These plants are succulents. They have common means to store more amount of the water for their own need and also to survive dry places for an extended period of time. The stems are very much fleshy and the leaves commonly contain the extra moisture proportion which can be widely used for future needs and uses. 

Since they have intact water too much water can be very harmful to them. The result of overwatering the plant is very much the same as having poor drainage in the soil. The roots will commonly rot above ground or under the soil. The plant will widely experience the yellowing of the leaves. The leaves will drop one by one. The plants will commonly lose their turgid look and hence plant will eventually wither in the end. 

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3. Lack of Various Soil Nutrients  

The deficiency of nutrients can result in the soil being unhealthy in nature. One common indication of the deficient nutrient supply is the slow or even the stunned growth of the plant. 

4. Lack of Plant’s Exposure to a Very Bright Light 

The Chinese money plants are lovers of the very bright lights but the light should come in an indirect manner. If the room is very dim then there is a possibility that the plants will eventually turn very leggy.

They will eventually grow very tall with a lanky appearance because of the presence of the weak cell walls in their stems and in their various leaves. The entire plant will be very thin as well as the colour of the plant will be pale. The leggy results in the premature type of drop of the flowers as well as the leaves. 

5. Pest Kind of Infestation 

It is a very rare case but it is a sure possibility. Mealybugs and scale are commonly found on the underside of its leaves. They work in a subtle manner. They might cause huge damage to the plant. They are known to suck on the leaves and also create holes in the leaves. These leaves then again start to turn yellowish in the color and have the tendency to turn limp. The leaves are known to eventually drop. This may cause brown or even black spots on the leaves.

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6. Frosting  

The plants are best grown within a temperature range of 16 to 24oC (60 to 75oF). This plant is much more tolerant to the higher temperature than the lower temperature range. Therefore extreme drops during the winter temperature may be harmful. These money plants are not really frosted tolerant. The frosted leaves are meant to dry and finally drop. 

7. Aging of the Leaves of the Plant 

The leaves dropping can be a common result of a very natural kind of process. The leaves may have aged and hence resulting in the dropping. It is a pretty normal phenomenon and hence the aging of the leaves should never be a thing to be worried about. This is the way by which the young leaves will get time to flourish themselves very easily. 

8. Leaf Type Shine Products 

Though we want the plants to have vibrant leaves using the leaf shine products can actually result in much harm. When you actually coat the leaf with the available leaf shine this results in much more harm than the benefit. The clogged stomata make the leaves breathe in a very difficult kind of manner. With the decreased levels of food, the plants will die as well as starve. After some moment the plant’s leaves will stop dropping. The most common examples are exposure to the wind as well as air conditioning problems.

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How to Prevent  Money Plant from Dropping the Leaves?

There are various methods by which you can prevent the dropping of the leaves. The most common methods include 

#1 Use of the well-drained soil as well as the pots having perfect kind of the holes 

The soil mix will surely help your plant to live and thrive in a very good condition as well as the atmosphere. You can commonly add various things for this purpose like perlite, sand, or even vermiculite. This is used to make your soil porous. This very little space will commonly allow the large portion of the water content to pass through very easily. This helps to create a good amount of aeration. This makes the oxygen very much available to the roots of the plant.

After mixing the soil check how fast it commonly drains by pouring in water. The drainage holes must have a good size that is proportional to the size of the commonly used pots. 

#2 Try to water the plant only when the soil feels dry 

Daily watering of the plants is very essential and hence enriches the plants. Watering is very much enough when the season is very hot as well as humid. Watering once every two weeks or even once a month can also benefit you very well. To know whether it is the correct time to water all you need to do is dip your finger and check the soil at least it should be 2 inches deep.

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#3 Make sure that the water is always drained out 

When you are watering the plants make sure that it passes through the holes as well as the soil very well without any issue. Don’t forget to remove the plate present under the pot. Try to use various terra cotta pots as they can dry very easily without any issue. It will only just accumulate more percentage of the water than what your plants commonly need.

#4 Add a liquid kind of the fertilizer 

The Chinese money plants do need a good amount of the various common nutrients to survive as well as grow. Fertilizer can be added at an interval of two months. For this try to use the soluble kind of fertilizer. Try to dissolve the fertilizer in the water and then pour the amount into the soil to nourish the soil very well. Be careful that you do not overfertilize the soil as this may cause sudden death and damage to the plant.

#5 Expose the plant to Indirect as well as the Bright Light 

Locate a common place where there is a presence of enough source of light. Keeping it on the windowsill is a very much great spot as well. This helps to prevent excessive heat as well as helps to prevent the burning of the leaves as well. The leaves will not burn at all and hence your plant will be in good shape and will be in a very good condition as well. Having a glass window is a very good option. Try to open the window. This helps to make things work very well.

#6 Try to Manually Remove the various pests 

The best way to remove the various bugs is to manually remove the bugs from the leaves. If there is severe damage met to the leaves then it is good if you manually remove the bugs one by one. The manual removal of the bugs makes things very easy for you. Use a liquid detergent. 

#7 Remove the various aged leaves 

Try to remove the aged leaves at your end. This provides the space for the young leaves to grow as well as to mature. 

#8 Try to choose a very good Location 

Do not put the plant near an air conditioner. These plants are fragile and are known to make the things worse. 


Chinese money plants are very good and beautify your house very much without any major issues. These plants are very much superior in the quality and are known to provide freshness wherever you install them. These plants are fresh and supplement the freshness when the air suits them. So plant one for your house and don’t be afraid the leaves will not fall off that much easier if you follow these steps very well.

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