How to: Growing Leeks from Scraps

Growing leeks from scraps are very easy. Leek is a very good vegetable and is a really tasty one. The parts edible of the plant include a bundle of leaf sheaths that is largely called a stalk or even a stem. This species is a really easy one to grow.

How to Grow Leeks from Scraps?

Leeks are very much used in various cuisines. The use of leeks in vegetables is due to its onion-like mild taste. In the raw type of condition, the vegetable is very much crunchy to consume and is also firm in nature. The edible parts of the leek have a white kind of base. There is also the availability of the light green portions, and there is also the availability of the dark green shades of the leaves.

The very dark green type of the portion is largely discarded due to its texture. The leeks are chopped into various slices having fine measurements of 5–10 mm thick.

Leeks can be grown in several ways, but today, we will be sharing with you some of the most uncommon ways to grow leeks. The uncommon way we will be talking about is through scraps.

You can really start to grow a new plant from the rooted part of a leek stalk’s end.

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Various steps:

  • The bottom white root end is left and is not thrown in the garbage. This bottom part is chosen to regrow leeks.
  • These two ends are very much put in a shallow depth bowl.
  • For this, prepare a bowl of very clear water and try to put the ends in it very carefully and keep or put it on the windowsill. Change the bowl of water very carefully after every 2-3 days to be refreshed. 
  • These root ends are very interesting to watch. Whenever you are washing the dishes or even doing something near it, this is a great site to watch. These are a great addition to your most beloved windowsill in winter.
  • After a couple of time or weeks, there is an obvious growth shown. The leeks might seem to regrow, and the green leaves will be shown to grow upwards.
  • You can check the water, and you can see the roots growing in the water. This will be seen at the bottom portion of the leeks.
  • This is a very exciting thing, and people do consider this option. Planting these species in the compost is also very good and a suitable option.
  • After they are grown well, their tops are chopped off and are used for cooking purposes.

The leeks are known to grow in a very similar way, like spring onions and celery. The one and the only difference is the size of the leeks. Growing more nutritious leeks involves planting them in the soil and regrowing them with correct nutrients.

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Various Leek varieties to grow

There are various leek varieties that you can easily grow. The common leek varieties include 

The American Flag 

This variety is very much hard to grow and has the capacity to overwinter in the mild type of climate. This species is known to grow 1.5-2 inches thick and also 20 inches tall as well. The species is known to possess thick, blue-green leaves. The species matures up to 130 days. Find the seeds in various quantities.

Early Giant 

These species are great for planting in the early spring season. This species has a very short maturation kind of period and lasts up to 98 days. This variety is known for its very consistent size and also possesses great flavors as well.

Autumn Giant Leek

This type of species is known to grow up to 30 inches and also consists of various stalks that are very much capable of reaching three inches wide when it reaches the stage of maturity. This species is ready to harvest in 135 to a time span of 150 days. 


This adaptable type of hybrid is known to grow up to 12 to 14-inch White type of shafts and also consists of various dark blue-green flags. This species is known to grow in many areas and in various other zones as well. This species is known to mature in 75 days.

How to Cook or Use Your Grown Leeks?

There are various common methods by which you can easily cook the leeks. Cooking leeks require you to spend less amount of time. You can follow some of the above-listed methods to cook leeks after you have grown them from scraps.

  • You can easily boil these leeks till it turns very mild and soft in taste. During this process, special and extraordinary care must be taken to chop the vegetables. If you don’t do this, the vegetables will be tangled and will be turned in a ball kind of shape when chewing them. You can serve these boiled leaves along with the vinaigrette. This is a quite popular way of consuming leeks in France as well as in various other regions.
  • Frying the leeks makes them crunchier and helps to preserve the taste.
  • The raw type of leeks can be popularly used in salads and dressings. This especially does well when they are the superior or the prime ingredients used in the dishes.
  • In the Turkish kind of cuisines, leeks are popularly chopped into very thick slices. They are then boiled for further preparation purposes and then are separated into discrete leaves. These are then filled in the fillings that are made up of rice, herbs, black pepper, and onions. For the sarma, the people tend to add currants, pine nuts, and cinnamon, and the minced kind of meat is added to the various fillings.

Leeks are a very popular ingredient for potato and leek soup. These are used to make plain leek soups and are a super ingredient for vichyssoise. They have great symbolism in the whales. They are used extensively as the part of the country’s cuisine. Leeks have come back into the popular flavor in various countries and are very favored by the people. 

So do grow leeks from the scraps as this can ensure the maintenance and the usage of the healthy produce in the long run.

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Benefits of Growing Leeks from the Scraps 

There are various benefits associated with growing the leeks from the scraps. Some of the common benefits involved are 

They are great to recycle 

When you regrow leeks from the kitchen and other scraps, you are doing a bigger favor for mother nature. Mother nature feels very happy when you waste the resources very little and utilize the resources in the right and the correct manner.

We all know that the recycling is a great way. It is one of the best and the original ways of all time. It is the very original way in which the household can help in reversing the impacts of climatic changes.

A very little effort is to known to go a very long way. If you can save the lettuce base from the trash and regrow it then you can achieve wonders. The landfills hence will possess less wastage, and there will be more usefulness associated with the resources in hand. Take the condition where many households save their lettuce from being thrown into the garbage.

Saving Wealth

If you are going to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home and use them for making snacks, dinner, and the breakfast, then you are saving your wealth on a large scale. To keep your money and savings, and wealth high, try to grow various vegetables from the scraps. It is very easy to grow in the kitchen too. You can utilize extra bowls and the cups that are lying around the kitchen to start a new project. Hence in a similar way you can easily grow leeks. 

Organic produce

If you want to consume organic food, then this is the best option for you. Growing vegetables organically ensures you what you are eating well.

Forms a great hobby 

Growing various vegetables and fruits seems like a very boring thing as there is a long wait till the plant reaches its maturity but growing from scraps is a fun way to see your plants growing and achieving specific heights. You can click photos every day and try to compile them in collage format and hence rest assured that the product is very healthy and safe as well.

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They are great in the kitchen

These look very great in your kitchen area. They are like edible displays in your kitchen area. These have a nice smell and also look very nice due to the color and the look they possess. If you want to add some style, then you can go for stylish containers and rest assured to have nice produce in your hand. It brings a natural feel to your decoration and hence attracts people’s attention as well. So its like nicely remolding your kitchen with nice things in the hand and to work upon.

It can be grown in any home

You can grow these species in any home and surroundings. For this, you don’t require a backyard, and even you don’t require soil as well. All you need is that part of produce that was otherwise meant to become a part of the trash can or even bin.

Growing them is quite easy 

Growing leeks is quite an easy task and doesn’t involve great efforts by the people. People can easily grow this produce in a limited period of time. All you we are saying you have to do is follow very simple and easy steps without any wastage done.


Till now, you might have understood how you could grow leeks. These vegetables are an impressive option for consumers and frame a great part of your everyday diet. Leeks are an interesting part of your food and make your food very tasty and delicious as well.

When you consume leeks, you become healthy as they will be grown in an organic way without the necessity of any pesticides and fertilizers. Leeks can be grown very easily and are good for the people of every age group. 

Growing them at your home is a good option for the people who go for natural produce. We would surely recommend you to grow these species and stay happy forever. Growing them will make you feel happy and healthy in the long run.

You can very easily and efficiently grow them at your home without the assistance of a professional. So follow the various steps as stated above and grow delicious leeks at your home with the help of the scraps. We really hope that you will surely follow these steps very accurately and will grow many leeks at home and will surely feel elated by the progress you have made in a very short period of time.

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