Coffee Grounds for Pothos: How to Use?

Coffee grounds for Pothos are very necessary as coffee is the most excellent and organic source for Pothos. Pothos get nutrients with the help of coffee. It consists of various nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth of the Pothos. Pothos are the plants that need the micro and macronutrients that help in enhancing the soil structures and the health of the Pothos. Using coffee grounds adds various humic substances to the soil. 

You can also try making a compost kind of tea using the coffee grounds, which is an excellent growth kind of food for the Pothos. Coffee ground is also used by the people growing Pothos to balance the soil’s ph level at substantial ratios, and hence the good health of Pothos is guaranteed.

Do Pothos like Coffee Grounds?

The answer is quite mixed as it depends on various situations and circumstances. The soil having a high Ph level can take coffee grounds as a positive additive. Whereas the soil, which consists of high acidity, can make the plant die if you add coffee grounds to it.

So the Pothos does like coffee grounds but in not every situation. So one should check the soil’s Ph level before adding coffee ground to it.

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Testing the acidity of the soil

Before going to the use of coffee ground in the soil, acidity must be checked for that take a sample of the soil. Put the taken sample into a container containing water and add baking soda to it then study the reaction. You will easily figure out whether to use the coffee grounds or not.

How to Use the Coffee Grounds?

First, take the coffee grounds and then sprinkle them one by one on the soil of the Pothos. It will act as an excellent soil fertilizer and will help it in its growth. 

You can use coffee grounds as a substance as mulch. You can add the coffee grounds to the compost. This is what most farmers advise the people to do. Don’t mulch the grounds of coffee on the seedlings or seed. If you do that, the growth of the seedling or the seed will stop immediately, and hence this is a harmful move.

Using them as mulch is fine till the time you add various organic substances like the compost and the leaf molds. The coffee grounds can add moisture and protect the plant from multiple diseases and from the fungi and bacteria; hence, healthy growth is promised.

How can you use the grounds of coffee as a substance as mulch?

  • For this, add a 1/2-inch good layer of the said coffee ground onto the required or present soil.
  • Then add a 4-inch mulch layer.
  • Then use a rake so that they do not clump.
  • You can also try mixing the grounds of coffee with the said compost, or you can also mix it to some other organic substance or matter.
  • After you are done mixing, the next step you can do is to mulch around the given soil of your favorite pathos. In this way you could complete the process.

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Other ways of using Coffee Grounds 

You can use coffee grounds in many other ways, like adding them to the pothos’ potting mix. This will certainly help you to increase the soil’s nutrient quotient. Make sure to add only 10 to 20 percentage of the above coffee grounds mixed with various other organic substances.

You can also create a compost form of tea for the Pothos. For this, you will need at least 5 gallons of water and another 2 cups of the grounds of coffee. Mix the above mixture and then soak them for overnight usage. In this way, you can prepare a compost tea and can use it for the Pothos.

Then it is time to water the soil. Coffee grounds are a very slow nitrogen-releasing component. So watering the Pothos within a span of 48 hours is very beneficial. 

When watering these Pothos make sure that the water penetrates deep down the roots of the plant and replenishes the soil very well. Therefore the plant will remain healthy and will not at all die.

You can also go for the drip-feeding method. In the bottle, fill the compost form of tea and then keep the bottle upside down with a hole so that the plant remains hydrated with time intervals automatically; in this way, you will not have to pose a greater pressure on yourself in taking the care of the plant.

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Various benefits of using coffee grounds for Pothos

  • Coffee grounds help the plant to grow and keep it away from diseases and disease-causing organisms that can even hurt the plant or even kill it.
  • The grounds are efficient in binding the pesticide residue and is efficient in eliminating insects and pests.
  • Coffee grounds help in moderating the temperature of the soil and hence prevent the plant from too much dryness.
  • So balancing of water retention becomes very easy for the plant.
  • Coffee grounds are popular in producing various humic substances and hence helps in improving the fertility of the soil. It also benefits the architecture of the root.
  • Coffee grounds are famous for improving the structure of the soil. This ingredient is capable of enhancing the basic structure of the soil and therefore making the plant grow naturally well.
  • With coffee ground, you can easily enhance the copper, magnesium, and various other soil components.
  • Coffee grounds are famous for producing a Carbon/Nitrogen ratio, which is quite enough to quickly break down the various compost matter.
  • Coffee grounds in the soil also helps to keep the cats away from your plant. As cats hate the smell of coffee so if you sprinkle coffee grounds in the soil, the cat will not litter there.
  • Coffee grounds might make the growth of fungi possible, so to keep the plant away from this, use some organic matter while using coffee grounds to reduce this negative effect on the plant.
  • The coffee ground also acts as barriers and is known as very solid barriers to reduce this negative effect use organic matter.


So coffee grounds are very beneficial for your Pothos. They help in the quick growth of the plant. Coffee grounds are very beneficial in making the soil fertile. A good mixture of coffee ground is essential for making the soil fertile and useful. Coffee keeps the plant in good shape, but if used carefully. First, check the soil for its nutrient component and then decide whether to add the coffee grounds or not. Not every soil type can have coffee grounds. Then follow these above steps on how to use them and then use the coffee grounds for growing healthy Pothos. Then use the above-mentioned watering techniques and rest assured to get good Pothos in your house till you are there to take care of them.

Adding coffee grounds to the Pothos is essential and makes the soil in perfect condition. Pothos are lucky plants, and one should grow them in their house. Pothos can be grown well if correct and necessary steps are implemented while growing them. So grow these plants and live a happy and healthy life at home and outside.

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